I-AM, the Intelligent Digital Assistant

  • With I-AM, we believe in the transformative power of collective intelligence within an organization. Our mission with the I-AM algorithm is to have a multidisciplinary approach to provide the organization as well as the employee with the means to function with unparalleled agility and efficiency, and to stay healthy in an increasingly changing digitalized world. I-AM will act as a user digital intelligent assistant, a virtual agent. Through interaction with other virtual agents as well as with the employee, I-AM should learn and start assisting the employee in managing their workday as in keeping them mentally as well as physically healthy.
  • I-AM is still in its concept and research phase and is currently still being developed. We expect to be able to offer I-AM phased to the organization in the year 2020.

‘With the latest technologies we can work on solutions which are not only unique in their approach, but also with added value that will change people lives for the better!’