About Us

We're a small startup located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Driven by ambition, we are building an intelligent, unique digital B2B infrastructure across ten sectors. The infrastructure will provide a direct connection between the different organizations. It should also intuitively assist the organization in its transformation, innovation, and business development, nationally and abroad.

Our core values

We want to solve the time-consuming, inefficient initial interaction among organizations regarding a product, service, method, or technology with a purpose for mutual business success. We believe that technology should be designed in collaboration around an existing problem. We want to create something with an impact where value for society is made and whole regions are being transformed for the better.

Our Mission

In research, our focus lies in developing and implementing cognitive algorithms. We want to build with Coripple the organization's digital twin. A B2B digital infrastructure that intuitively will form itself around the

Our Focus

While we already connect globally, our focus lies mainly in the Benelux region in the current phase. We are just entering our first phase to optimize the infrastructure and its functionalities with the feedback of the participating organizations.

Our Vision

Coripple makes it easy for startups and SMEs to find their customers and connect for capital with the investor; public bodies can structure and strengthen their region; and corporate innovators can join for inspiration, sharing ideas, and developing innovation opportunities.

Intuitive logic

In developing our cognitive algorithms, we seek to work with research centers and –institutions and look worldwide for the driven engineer to build our dynamic engineering team.


In 2022, Coripple will offer an unrestricted free Premium subscription account with no obligation. In addition, the subscription for the participating organizations will automatically convert to a forever-free standard account in the year 2023.

From the year 2023, Coripple will start to offer two membership accounts. A free standard version for 2022 registered organizations and paid unrestricted premium subscription, the continuation of the current subscription.

Last but not least, we want to thank the Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij and Province of North Brabant for supporting Coripple in its initial PoC phase.

Provincie Noord-Barbant

George (C.) Somi, MScFI

Managing director

While earning my master's degree in Finance & Investments from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, my passion is creating solutions with people that want to make a difference. The Coripple team's main drive is to contribute to positive transformations in society that could disrupt whole processes for the better. With assistance from different research centers, The strive is to evolve and shape Coripple into a 'fluidic network,' which will slowly become available in 2022.

Finally, I want to thank the Province of North Brabant for supporting us in our PoC-phase.

Coripple head office

Flight Forum 40
5657DB Eindhoven,
The Netherlands,

Chamber of Commerce registration
number: 64214435

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