Small in employee numbers, large by collaboration

About us

The Digital Age has only just begun to change how we work and function. The exponential growth of technology has changed our world faster than ever before. New digital transformative business innovations will therefore start to revolutionize an industry with a focus on saving time and money. Digitalization will become a logical process of evolving and innovating for inefficient processes in a digitalized world. Organizations, as well as the individual, need to adapt to this digital transformation to keep up with the times.


Still a startup

AIVICON, founded in the year 2016 with a focus on cognitive computing technology, is still a small startup. We are introducing our very unique and disruptive solutions such as I-AM in small feasible steps. I-AM will act as a user digital intelligent assistant. Within the organization, I-AM should by its contribution become an indispensable asset, helping the organization with transcending organizational structures by engaging all its employees in the innovation process. In this process, it should learn and actively support the employee to stay mentally as well as physically healthy, thereby providing the organization with unparalleled agility and efficiency to function in the current and fast digitalized and competitive globalized markets.

By focusing on user health, I-AM will not only lead to happier employees but will also decrease overall downtime within the organization. I-AM, which uses the highest data-security, conforms to GDPR guidelines, guaranteeing user anonymity and privacy as well as user data ownership.

Collaboration & Partnerships

As a small startup, we seek collaborations and support through valorization of technology within technical universities, such as TU/e Eindhoven and UTwente and Dutch research institutes, with the goal of partnering up in the near future with clients, innovative ICT companies and technical educational/research institutions nationally as well as internationally.

image Founder George (C.) Somi, MScFI

Aivicon was founded and is being managed by George Somi, MScFI.

‘After earning my master’s degree from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, my work experience was mainly focused on strategic finance & investments. Through the years, my views on processes and strong continuous desire to make a difference in the society eventually led to the creation of the startup Aivicon.’

We are launching I-AM, an intelligent digital assistant.