Small in employee numbers, large by collaboration

About us

The biggest impact on society, is expected to come from the arrival of AI. AI will help structure organizational processes than ever before possible. It will analyze employee interests and goals and will function as a virtual supporting assistant through real-time data-analysis and interpretation. AI is expected to become a supporting member of the organization board by the year 2026.

AIVICON has a focus on valorization and partnerships and was founded in the year 2016/2017 by George Somi, with a background and a master’s degree in finance & Investments from Erasmus University of Rotterdam.


Still a startup

AIVICON, as an organization, is still in a startup phase and with focus on valorization, we are introducing our very unique and disruptive solutions in small feasible steps, like I-AM. I-AM will act as a user digital intelligent assistant. I-AM is not only unique but also disruptive in its approach. It should learn and actively support the user and keep also the user mentally as well as physically healthy in this process.

Within the organization, I-AM should by its contribution become an indispensable asset. As an organization we have grown from having x4 engineers in the year 2018, to x9 engineers and x12 freelance commercial team members in the year 2019.

The pilot phase

I-AM will have its pilot phase and phased introduction within the knowledge institutions at the beginning of the year 2019. The expectation, already in this pilot phase, is that I-AM will improve students as well as teacher motivational levels, adaptation abilities and flexibility for the better. This will, thereby, provide the organization with an unparalleled agility and efficiency to function in the current and fast digitalizing and competitive globalized markets.

By focusing on user health, I-AM will not only lead to happier students & teachers but will also decrease overall dropout and downtime results. I-AM conforms to GDPR-guide-lines, guaranteeing user anonymity and privacy, user data ownership and uses the highest data-security. Data can be securely stored on AIVICON’s own private cloud, managed by Leaseweb in Amsterdam as well as on the organization own servers.

Collaboration & Partnerships

As a startup, we take pride in making our own solutions e.g. I-AM. This was undertaken by seeking collaborations and partnerships with technical universities and research institutes, with the goal of partnering up in the near future with current clients, innovative ICT companies and technical educational/research institutions nationally, as well internationally.

Taking an agile approach to development and reducing costs, AIVICON also works with and outsources non-essential development to other innovative ICT-startups. Our team of engineers consists, therefore, of experts from various independent parties, working on completely unique solutions.


We are launching I-AM, an intelligent digital assistant.